Our Partnership

For the love of beer

I suppose you could say it's a truly Canadian story - hockey, friendship and beer. From the ice rink to the brewery, Bomber Brewing is the shared dream of three friends with a passion for playing hockey and savouring good beer. They drafted a team, combined their skills, and in February of 2014,  launched one of the newest micro-breweries to hit the Vancouver scene.

Head Brewer, Blair Calibaba, has been honing his brewing skills for over 11 years, running the Ambleside Brewing Company and as a regular member of the staff at Dan's Homebrewing.  The Bomber post-game became a place to refine his craft and develop his notably balanced and approachable style.

This style is not only the basis of Bomber's beer, but of its brand as a whole.  Accessibility and approachability have remained Bomber Brewing's goals from day one, hoping to share the beer they love with novices and connoisseurs alike.