Our Story

“Growing up in the Prairies, not much is
handed to you. You only get what you’ve
earned. This is a beer for everyone who
packs their lunches and goes to
work everyday.”  

“This is Blue Collar Craft -
premium beer for those who’ve earned it.”

Graham DeLaet


Founder of Prairie Baard
& PGA Tour Golfer

Our Philosophy

A hard working beer for hard working people.  Earn everything.

A beer for people who live life on their own terms - create your own identity and wear it with pride.

A beer meant to be enjoyed with friends, family and those you love - life’s all about the company you keep.

A beer for those who work hard, so they can play hard.


Our Ingredients

Great ingredients make great beer.

Our Golden Ale is brewed with 70% Barley and 30% wheat both of which are
sourced locally at all our brewery locations. Unlike most hazy, cloudy wheat
beers, Prairie Baard is filtered to crystal clarity and generously hopped at the
end of the brew to give it a distinct aroma without imparting a strong
bitterness. The wheat gives the beer a tart crisp finish, as well as adding
some bright biscuit and cracker like aromas, while the hops brings strong
and citrus aromas to this already refreshing and crushable ale.

Our Partners



Grab a Baard

Where to find us...


Contact your local store, restaurant, or bar manager to get Prairie Baard on shelves near you!  If you have any troubles, let us know and we will see what we can do!